A wirewalker travels the world and stops in the market place of your village. Openair show.


A woman travels through town, carrying poles, cables and other strange things. She is looking for a place to set up. Once she has found it, she makes a mistery of what she is setting up. She uses cables and poles in strange ways and suddenly she is lying in the air. She gets on her feet and walks on a thin rope as if walking on the street. Asking people to help her with her props, she creates a whole act, dancing, juggling with her feet on that rope, practically never touching the ground.

She finishes her act with a big orchestra sound created by the audience that accompanies her last dance...

... and is again ready to leave for the next place...


Idea and performed by
Masha Dimitri

Directed by

30-50 minutes

whithout words

outdoor performance